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Advantages of ADD

You have an additional capability called Hyperfocus
You have lots of empathy and can really reach out to others
You can quickly see things from all possible points of view
You are very creative
You really go for it when you are interested in something,
You like to be challenged
You want to deliver the best possible results
You like to solve puzzles / problems
You cannot rest until you have succeeded
You have a great sense of humour
You have lots of perseverance
You can quickly deal with adversity and criticism
You don't give up when interested in something
You have a very strong intuition
You are very perceptive
You have remarkable insight in how the brain works
You can generate solutions at lightening speed
You have a unique vision, a point of view that not many others share

By: Karin Windt – 2004 – SADD.NL (acknowledge source when quoting)
Karin is the instigator and en president of the Dutch ADD Foundation / Stichting ADD Nederland. Karin has ADD.